Modern Senior Secondary School & Modern Nursery School, Patiala (Affiliated to CBSE)

We are a well known private, co-ed school imparting high quality education with good moral values. The school's motto is: Knowledge is Light. We hope to equip our students with knowledge, confidence, skill, creativity and moral strength - so that they are able to excel in their field of work and become great leaders, pioneers and contributors to society.

+91 81468 93701 (Pre-Nursery to Grade 2), +91 87500 22233 (Grades 3 to 12)

Fee Chart: 2023-24

Admission Fee (Pre-Nursery to Nursery)


100% off*

Annual Charge (Pre-Nursery to Nursery)


50% off*

Maintenance Charge (Pre-Nursery to Nursery)


50% off*

Tuition Fee (Pre-Nursery to Nursery)



                                                                        * Discount in celebration of 75 years of school in 2023!
                                                                            No Admission Fee for siblings throughout 2023.